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Laurie fell in love with animals at the age of seven, when she brought home a puppy from the house next door and begged her parents to let her keep it. “Bandit” was allowed to stay, and was soon joined by the horses that her family raised in Port Arthur, TX, where she grew up. She did not have another dog for 25 years until her husband gave her a handsome chocolate Labrador retriever named Ganimedes, “Gunny” for short, as her wedding present. After meeting Gunny, her soul mate and her great love, nothing was ever the same again.

Laurie always knew in her heart that animals could communicate. After all, the first book she fell in love with was Charlotte’s Web. But life with Gunny turned her idea of what animals were and were not capable of right on its head. He taught her about the astounding things that love can accomplish, and ultimately, led her back to who she was truly meant to be.

After graduating from Georgetown University Law School and earning her Masters in Foreign Service, Laurie practiced law internationally for almost twenty years while living all over the world. In 2008, at Gunny’s encouragement, she decided to follow her heart and leave the practice of law to take care of Gunny full time and pursue a new passion.

She founded and built Gunny’s Rainbow, LLC, which is a healing center and warm water pool for dogs located in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. At Gunny’s Rainbow, she helps elderly and handicapped dogs rediscover their joy, and supports their human companions who work so hard to improve their dogs’ quality of life.

NPR’s acclaimed journalist Barbara Bradley Hagerty recently interviewed her about the creation of Gunny’s Rainbow and writing The Endless Path, in connection with Barbara’s forthcoming book and radio series. Laurie hopes that animal lovers and people lovers alike will find meaning and inspiration in Gunny’s life and message and share it with others.

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