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Project Camino

Published on December 16, 2017 in Interviews

I was recently interviewed by Brendan Bolton of Project Camino. Our interview touched on many different things, including my devotion to walking the Camino de Santiago, known in English as the Way of St. James, which is an ancient pilgrimage path across Northern Spain. Brendan has devoted himself to the Camino and interviewing people who walk it, so he asked me for an interview about the Camino and my book, The Endless Path.

Brendan came across my book from the Camino circles that we travel in, and wanted to know all about how I came to believe that my dog, Gunny, wanted to communicate and what the process of writing The Endless Path with my dog was like. In addition, we discussed that although writing the book was difficult because of all the emotion around my relationship with Gunny, the hardest thing was actually deciding to publish it – knowing that some people would not understand or might think I was crazy. But, as Maya Angelou said, “there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you,” so I decided to publish it and let the chips fall where they may.

Nothing that I feared would happen actually did. Readers have been warm, welcoming, and gracious. They have reached out to me to let me know that our story touched their hearts and made them feel less “alone” because they, too, have intense once-in-a-lifetime relationships with their animal companions and have been devastated by the loss of those great loves.

I hope that you will grab a cup of coffee, stream the podcast, and take a listen. I enjoyed sharing my story with Brendan and would love to share it with you.

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